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img_0059.jpgDelerium – Angelicus

Here is another gorgeous song and video from Delerium’s latest album “Nuages Des Monde”.

The singer is Isabel Bayrakdarian. She is Armenian and sings in the   early 5th century Armenian Christian church tradition  where only the words “Alleluia” and “Amen” are invoked in the songs.


Sleepthief with Kirsty Hawkshaw –

A beautiful, classy video and song featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw. One of my favourite videos.

Delerium – Innocente (Tiesto mix)

Leigh Nash singing.
A beautiful video and song, one of my favourites. Thanks Leigh Nash, Deleium and DJ Tiesto


Broken DraglineI couldnt believe my eyes today. The Machine that scooped millions of tons of sand from the ground and created a lake in the process finally succumbed to the ravages of rust and wear and fatigue.

The dragline , as this machine is called, broke in half and its top mast sheared off. Hope no-one was hurt.

I never get tired of this gorgeous video and song featuring Kristy Thirsk w/ Delerium. A very spiritual transcendent song and video featuring Kristys superb vocals.

Check it out on Youtube. Just type in “flowers become screens” in the searchbox.