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Category Archives: second life

She stands so alone, on a hill

Overlooking her town, so forlorn

Paper thin,yet something within

So strong …1994

That  picture of her…so sad and blue

Concealed the majesty within,

Treasures hidden in that soul

Gems of trust and love and wonder

This woman of song

She told me of tears that burned

Of her fine love once spurned

Of angels that shouldnt cry, but only fly

And help this world

God looked at her that day

And said

You’ll be an angel  for others

Some day

In a darker hour

You were that gentle power




Mr Sam Feat Kirsty Hawkshaw – Split

Another nice video and song by my favourite singer Kirsty Hawkshaw.


Here is a cool new video  and song called LoveRush featuring  Kirsty Hawkshaw.The video features clips from Second Life.