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She stands so alone, on a hill

Overlooking her town, so forlorn

Paper thin,yet something within

So strong …1994

That  picture of her…so sad and blue

Concealed the majesty within,

Treasures hidden in that soul

Gems of trust and love and wonder

This woman of song

She told me of tears that burned

Of her fine love once spurned

Of angels that shouldnt cry, but only fly

And help this world

God looked at her that day

And said

You’ll be an angel  for others

Some day

In a darker hour

You were that gentle power




 img_0002.jpgWho really gives a hoot about what a kilo of cocaine or pound of marijauna siezed by the cops is “worth” on the street? Only the losers and lo-lifes who sell this trash do.
So why does the media; with thier collective heads up thier rear ends as usual, tell us in the most serious way, that the cops made a major drug bust worth millions?

Millions? This crap costs society so much grief , then the braindead media comes along and soberly informs us of the value of the latest “drug bust”!!

In doing so, they only tempt the criminal elements of society and every loser who wants to join these crooks and lolife thugs into telling them how much money is to be made by dealing this trash.

Delerium – Incantation

Another stunning song and video by Canadian singer Kristy Thirsk of Delerium fame.


Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored

Never thought Id see this  gorgeous video or song again. Kudos to YouTube

img_0059.jpgDelerium – Angelicus

Here is another gorgeous song and video from Delerium’s latest album “Nuages Des Monde”.

The singer is Isabel Bayrakdarian. She is Armenian and sings in the   early 5th century Armenian Christian church tradition  where only the words “Alleluia” and “Amen” are invoked in the songs.

Sleepthief with Kirsty Hawkshaw –

A beautiful, classy video and song featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw. One of my favourite videos.