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Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth….


Cartwheel Galaxy


Diamond Galaxy


The “Eye of God”


Blue Galaxy



  1. Ah, so Hubble has found God – or at least her eye?

    • You mean His eye!

  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog! I absolutely LOVE looking at pictures like these!!

  3. o diff then 1s iv seen ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. What an awesome God to have given us such beauty!

  5. definitivamente,Deus não tem mais tempo para nós!

  6. Spectacular. They should make more hubbles to take even more pictures. My favourite is the hubble deep field. Search for it, it is a speck of our sky, filled with over 10,000 galaxies, each with ~trillion stars. Multiply that by every speck of the sky, 360 degrees in 3 dimensions and you can get a picture of how big the universe really is. And that’s only what we can see from here!

    By the way, the eye of god picture is the eskimo nebula. Definitely my favourite nebula of all ;D

    • The military has a network of hubbles, enough to cover every inch of ground simoultaneously, as well as out into any direction away from our sphere as well. Working with the Air Force, was well, full of shock and awe!

        • Anonymous
        • Posted August 24, 2011 at 3:28 am
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        You are a tool !

  7. How amazing is His creation!

  8. The “blue galaxy” looks like two galaxies in a state of collision, the larger of the two being almost edge on, and the other at 90 degrees to that.
    Or am i nuts.

  9. do any of you actually have proof that god made all this?

  10. wot! you think all ths happened by chance? all that is beautiful, powerful and amazing around us is a small reflection of who God really is!!! He goes beyond anything you can imagine!

  11. Only a fool says there is no God!

    • Lots of fools say there is too!

    • How true this is. All the universe is not by accident and so enormously complicated in all its beauty

  12. Do you have proof that God didn’t? It’s a matter of what you believe. I myself can not fathom these things; that they just ‘poof’ came into existence out of no where. Its utterly amazing!

  13. God is just something that mankind has come up with to explain what can’t be explained. I know there is lots about the universe which we can’t explain,but instead of trying to find that out, just settling it by saying ‘God did it’ is an excuse for not working your mind. Remember, 1000 years back, people used to think rain as an act of god. Now we know that there is nothing divine, atleast not literally, in rain.

    • There were seven people who were beleived to be jesus before this last monkey did it. They all performed maracles and even walked on water.

  14. Science is a vast ocean and we’re just on the shore.Who knows,someday the existence of god might be proved or disproved?At the present time,we have neither proof that he exists, nor proof that he doesn’t. Believe,what you want to,but I persoanlly find the idea of the embodiment of goodness, i.e, God, who is above the laws of the universe,shaping everything and looking after all of us, a little unbelievable

    • Your first name,curiously reflects your Mom & Dad had quite a different opinion.
      Bet in your library theres at least one manuscript of the Bible. I will stake my heartbeat that if,big word if. If you, by His protocols not yours, you by his Holy Spirit, give him opportunity to explain Himself. 1 verse Psalm 19:1
      Take the time to investigate a guy who biilions of years in advance planned one star to go nova so when the light of the catyclysmic event reached our microdot of a planet to mark&document Mat2&7 the miraculous birth of Jesus. with respect Adam, this is math superabundantly beyond your ability to understand. cool thing is, He did it to demonstrate His love for you.Jesus is the zenith of everything everywhere. the centerpiece of Gods work. Acts 15:18 KJV.
      I am feeble of words, but if I can get you to glance @ Him in Faith.Heb 11:1 & heb 11:6.He will cause the Jude doxology, Jer1:12, phil transform you into the dominant specialist you are.
      Really hoping to turn your heart, your center to Jesus, only guy capable of presenting you to God ,Faultless!
      I am proof He’s in pursuit of you Mr. Stevens. You think those guys figured interpreting radio frequencies into color on their own.An orbiting camera to send the info back on an invisible radio wave. All of gods ministries are RE ministries. RE is the paradoxical prefix of God. This is an ongoing demonstration of RE vealation. a cakewalk for a guy whose omniscient.
      with reguards Jim watson

        • Reguardless
        • Posted August 24, 2011 at 3:39 am
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        God and the multiverse are two different things entirely. For one thing you can see and understand the universe. In the other hand you have this book that is constantly being proven wrong. We should never have let the people beleive in this “god” creature. Even if it is true. We shouldnt trust it untill it proves to us that it isnt hostile and so far didnt this creature go try and murder everyone a few times. Anywho ill go out with this, its a song the chritians sing. Tust and obey, there is no other way but to have faith in jesus , you must trust and obey. Hitler talk

  15. God didn’t create the beauty in these pictures, man did. The colors you see are added to reflect our interpretation of the gases represented in the pictures. Otherwise you would see a very boring, black and white picture…

  16. Boy you guys all really sucked the life out of that picture. If there is no God then how the fuck did it get there, smart guy?

  17. If god is “REAL” prove it to me, oh wait… bummer you cant ahahah! all god is, is Faith. Learn the meaning of that word, and god is just something people Believe in to give them hope and that feeling inside of satisfaction in “KNOWING” there is something after death.

    True Words of the free mind

  18. ok well heres my 2 cents for the last comment. u are the ones questioning the existance of god so it is up to u to PROVE that he or she is or isnt real and ur whole belief system is a FAITH based belief aswell noone can really prove either side of this arguement so get over it and enjoy the damn pics beautiful as they are u are mucking them up with ignorance.

  19. Praise God God is great!

  20. The beauty of the cosmos is no more evidence of a god than the absence of a sandwich is evidence of Bigfoot.

  21. Very true, these pictures are ABSOLUTLY amazing!!!! Enjoy and relax ;D

  22. The ‘God’ that we know is just an evolution from the Hebrew moon-god Jehovah. We are the evolution of certain apes that decided to start picking up things and slowly we began to think and communicate verbally. Mohammad adopted the god Jehovah as ‘Allah’ and both of these come out of the family of the well-known biblical Abraham. And I’m not even going to go into how corrupt the church has been, or how fanatical some Muslims have been

    • First off, jehovah is not a moon god, nor was he ever one, where do you get the idea that the hebrew god has anything to do with the Moon other then the creation of it. The ONLY thing that the isrealites had to do with the moon was that they had a calender based off of the lunar cycles instead of our current calender, which is based off of the coming of christ, i.e. 2010 years after he was born. Next time you decide to insult something, let alone the NON-LUNAR god jehovah, research it and get yo’ facts straight.

    • I am confounded as to why Muslims are universally tainted as ‘Fanatical”. Christianity has had its fair share of fanatics, remember Torquemada to name one. Who, by the way, are universally glossed over, or, neglected entirely.

  23. very nicley put, everything is made up, i will believe in something is proved if not im open to anything.

  24. the pictures are amazing, im not saying i believe in a god or that i dont but all the matter in the universe did not exsist in a tiny space the size of an atom, if it did what was outside the matter before it exploded as the big bang. all made up. just enjoy your life, enjoy the sky at night and youll find out whats true when you time comes.

  25. hi just to say that it takes more faith to belive in evolution than it does to belive in God !!!!!!! love the pics its scary to think u might be alone. God is real we’ll find that out soon enough !!!!

  26. Fateh said, “God is just something that mankind has come up with to explain what can’t be explained.”

    You have it backwards, Fateh, God came up with mankind.

    The more I know about our universe, the more I am convinced this couldn’t have just all happened. The balance of the gravity wells pulling and counter balancing each other so everything stays in place even though it’s in constant motion.

    Without devine intervention, it would all end up in chaos bouncing and careening off each other or as a mangled ball of energy and matter.

    Science says we evolved form amino acids in a tide pool, or pond scum. The bible says God created man from mud. It’s not such a large leap for me from pond scum to mud.

    Science says man evolved into his current form over several million years. The Bible says God created the Earth in six days and that to God, 1000 years is as a day. Perhaps, the primitive mind that wrote those words, couldn’t grasp the concept of a million and used the largest number it could understand.

    To me, evolution and my belief in God are not mutually exclusive.

    • The more I know about the universe the more I am convinced there is nothing greater than infinity – not even your man made god especially the one that puts putting you at the center – for you are so insignificant so as to not exist at all.

      See the most important picture ever taken and maybe you too can see the truth – the truth of that which is …. Infinity

  27. There was an atheist in Florida, who sued the state accusing them of religious bigotry. When he came before the judge, his argument went something like this. christians have Christmas and Easter, jews have Hanukah and Passover, atheists have no government recognized holiday.

    Without hesitation the judge said, You already have a holiday for atheists. You have to be a fool to not believe in God. April 1st, “All Fools Day”. Case dismissed.

  28. MItch, once again like a said to the last guy that had his theory….

    PROVE IT! wait you cant? and why is that, because you did not witness any of it, you just go off of what people tell you and what connect with how you think.

  29. Ja, mensen hebben de kleuren in de foto’s gezet maar God heeft het gemaakt.
    De zon, de maan en de sterren. Al die schoonheid heeft God gemaakt. We zijn gezegend om in deze schepping te mogen wonen!!!


  30. you say there is no god. i say there is. you ask me to prove it. yet how can i when your heart and mind are already closed to the idea.

    you say we evoled from cells. i say, where is YOUR proof? u acuss us for believing something someone has told us, yet you do the same. scientists say everything evoled from something. yet there is no ‘ during’ stage fossils. only ‘before’ and ‘after’.

    you say the bible is undated and fale according to science. but who told abraham to circumsize his son one the 8th day? god. medical science says the best time to circumsize a boy is the 8th day based on recovery and pain. who told us the stars are to many to number? god. there are trillions of stars. no matter how many years it takes, there will not be a time when everyone is counted.

    to all you no believers out there, how can you expect god to talk to you if you refuse to let him. you have hardened yours hearts and refuse to let anything even make you think to reconsider. while all the stars are great, gods ultimate gift to humans was Jesus Christ through whom we can get to no god. ‘ if you had but faith the size of a mustard seed, you could move a mountain’ we can do all things through jesus christ if we have faith that it will happen.
    we can argue about wether or not god exists or not, but Jesus loves you. and he died for u. if you confess with your mouth he is lord and saviour and believe in your heart he died for you, then you will be saved. you can saw god isnt real, but i no he is. and he is reaching out to you, all you have to do is take his hand and he will pull you out of whatever mess you may be in and guide you.

  31. Sorry there you people who just love to convince themselves that their faith is evidence of factual proof, but it isn’t. God is a fairy tale that is so comforting and romantic people just can’t get past it. Well, they could if the majority of religious people weren’t brainwashed while still young or drawn to religion after undergoing emotional trauma. That is why in Islam the children are made to rock while praying as it has a hypnotic, sedative affect on the mind helping the brainwaship to take hold. Christians like songs to bring little children into the game. All sad was to take advantage of children, abuse really.

    I would die before letting anybody try to instruct my child in religious story telling. I will prove to you here once and for all that there is no way you can prove or even reasonably believe in the existence of a God. Open your minds for a moment religious folks and try to take this in:

    One of the most consistently flaunted ideas religiously indoctrinated people use to demonstrate that a God exists is the following:

    “The Earth and the known Universe are so grand that it just can’t exist without creation, they are so spectacular.”

    Can we all agree on this statement? The principle is that fantastic things can’t happen by accident right? Don’t try to backtrack after I destroy this silly notion for you. That is what a religious person is saying when they make such silly statements.

    I can agree these things are fantastic beyond our comprehension. Do you know what is even more fantastic? Something that can create these fantastic things! Wow, now that is fantastic. So if the fantastic Earth needed to be created what created this even more fantastic God? Is there a super God?

    See the problem here? What made God? If God can just be without creation why can’t the Earth and mortal humans just be without creation?

    It is over, no more debating or crying over spilled milk. That is your own argument turned against you. So what are you going to do now? Grant God another exemption from any form of actual scrutiny? Thats right, go read the Bible for an answer. It will tell you what you want to hear and that is very nice isn’t it? Faith is nothing more than that, it isn’t fact and will never be fact.

    I know I have been rude and opinionated, and that was almost on purpose I’m sorry to say. It is in response to living in a world full of religious fantasy that ruins everything around it and being forced to listen to these fairy tales being presented as facts by even government officilas around the world. Just unbelievable.

    Flame me all you want, I couldn’t care less. I’m sick of religion trying to take over rationale thought. I think people are just afraid of dying and no longer existing so they need a place that they will go after they die and a God to be waiting for them.

    Sadly as life becomes more difficult due to our human activities more and more people will feel they have nothing left to hope for and comfort them so they will embrace this warm and fuzzy fantasy called God. Enjoy your illusions, we all have them.

    • You say we all have illusions, so what is yours? Or are you exempt ?

        • Pam Waidner
        • Posted November 7, 2012 at 10:00 am
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        I will pray for you . . . it makes me sad that you think GOD is a fairy tale . . . I’ll never feel that I am brainwashed there is proof of GOD’S existence everwhere I turn and his WORD’S are written on my heart. We all have the choice to believe and I choose GOD and you may choose not to believe. I have a right to celebrate his creations just as you have a right to your thoughts. I will not condeme you or belittle you for you too, in my belief,matter to my GOD, so I will pray that maybe someday you might feel the love I feel when I look at his creation.

  32. Interesting to read the, sometimes opposing, views of these awesome sights.
    How arrogant of man, perched on this beautiful but insignificant planet to deny the existence of God. How many times have I read of confirmed atheists turning to God in extremis; recent examples being in a plane about to crash. But why wait for faith testing scenarios? Why not seek for the raison d’tre of the human condition.
    The amusing thing is that those of faith have absolutely no doubt about the existence of the Creator, while even notable atheists, – for example Dr Dawkins add a rider that ‘probably’ God does not exist, thereby hedging their bets. I think that Dr Sagen put his finger on the nub when he stated that ‘absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’
    Look at these pictures,- a triumph for the Hubble team, – and project yourself into the infinite void, the crucible of
    Gods work. We of faith are absolutely sure where we are going, atheists by their own admission have nowhere else to go, – shame.
    Try my book, ‘Matthew’ ISBN 9781438939889

    • somewhere else to go ? you fool you are nothing in the eyes of god. God is all that is which is infinite and you are so small and insignificant to not exist. You are arrogance – You are here you are one within yet seperate in the midst of infinity and soon again you will be one within not seperate and as if you had never existed at all within 50 years? Perhaps you would join Akmajenidad (sp?) in bringing the world to its end so that you can meet your maker personally without having to be risen from the dead ? You scoff at the miraculousness that you exist within and think you have another life ? You my friend just like the athiest absolutely “have nowhere else to go” the shame is on you For it is you who think you have another life and so you waist this incredibleness with your fantasies of never never land becuase there must be more than this -= there must be more than infinity ! tell me this is not all the heavens hathe bestowed upon man you claim !!!!! You ungrateful fool – follow your carrot, feed your religious war machine, perish with the planet and kill one another in the name of your make believe masters as you wish but no god will save you and your made up fantasy land will not wait for you – for you will return to dust and be forever damned one within and NOT seperate. You are ungrateful misguided and self centered.

  33. The shame is your belief that faith in god has any relevance at all. That is of course your choice. I can assure you the only way I would ever appeal to a god for anything is if my mind was gone and I was so emotionally ill that I believed such a silly notion as a creator.

    A great example via a horrible event would be the loss of a young child or infant. That would rip the mind assunder for many. I have a 4 year old daughter and if I lost her my world would collapse. Under such a traumatic assault yes it is possible my mind would become so aflame with illness that I might appeal to a God, but of course that wouldn’t be the thoughts of a rationale man rather a very troubled man in extreme pain.

    I notice you didn’t address my point. Who created God? Something had to do so. Please examine the dogma of all creationist centric religions and the central theme is that fantastic things such as life and the Earth had to be created. So then wouldn’t God have to also be created? If not, please explain why. Where was God before the Universe was created? Did he live in the super duper Universe?

    Even if there was a God that entity would be so morally lacking as to be guilty of the worst crimes against all life. This whole notion of God loves us so much that he can’t get involved in humanities struggles is so very repugnant that it defies description.

    First the Bible has many accounts of God getting involved in the happenings on Earth before, parting the Red Sea for Moses ring a bell? Throwing the money lenders out of the temple etc. So if God could get involved then why couldn’t it get involved to stop Nazi Germany or the Rawandan genocide? Perhaps God is a racist as the blacks in African and Asian people have suffered the worst in history.

    If you were to look at populations even back when God intervened to save Moses people there couldn’t have been even 400 000. I think the Nazis killed millions of Jews and it was about 800 000 Rawandans killed. So where was your God then? Does he decide who suffers for entertainment? Perhaps he also no longer likes Jews? Black people certainly are out of favour.

    If the Earth and we are the children of God then this creature should be tried for child abuse of the worst magnitude never seen before in history. If God stood before me I would tell this entity that it should be in jail not in a Heaven somwhere.

    The stories of the Bible show a self-centred, cruel God who dispenses suffering in an arbitrary manner. This creature you seem to think exists is loathsome and without the slightest shred of compassion. I would rather die and cease being than be beholden to such a monster even if I could live forever. You might as well get close to Hitler and Idi Amin as far as I can tell.

  34. Fuck your god and the donkey he rode in on

    • Excellent! Best chuckle I’ve had in a long while. Many Thanks.

  35. The stars themselves disprove the 7 day theory of the bible and the creation of earth . Now get over you stupid pegan religions and stop discussing peganism on this place .
    Enjoy the photos and the information without trying to spread ignorance in either direction.

  36. Ignorace in Iether dirrection is proof of duality in good and evil.

    • without man evil cease to exist

  37. You can´t prove something that isn´t there.

  38. God is great, he is a scientist too, remember the wormhole, itz there in the holy qur’an, every calculation are there in the qur’an, if u want too knw more about undiscovered things in science, check ur qur’an. ask ur self this: How can an illiterate like muhammed 1400yrs ago, knw all this?
    there is still more.

  39. question, science is right,we all come 4rm microchemicals, then 2 apes, but were did this microchemicals come 4rm? were did the body that undergo this explosion(big bang) come 4rm ?
    what is so special about the speed of light?

    is (0/1) not the speed of light?
    the pix r so nice, and it has shows not upon a cup of God’s work in an ocean of of his work. He is the greatest.

  40. is (0/1)m/s not the speed of light?

  41. God is great, He made all these, from what? He is the greatest.

  42. If you don’t believe in God check out Immanuel Kant, the greatest enlightenment philosopher. Even Hume, the athiests champion, can’t refute his arguements

  43. God is real. if any of you actually t0ok time to l0ok into the facts it would be quite evident.the Bible is historically accurate and prophetic with prochecy which is constantly coming true including world leaders and the nations which over throw them. l0ok in the b0ok of daniel n do some research on it. also Jesus fulfilled over 300 prphecies in which imposters fail to fulfill even one.also you have 11 of the 12 apostles who died horrible deaths due to preaching Jesus. sure its possible ppl would die for a lie but no one would die for a lie they knew was a lie. these appostles claimed to see the death n resurection of Jesus and if they knew He was not risen they would never spend their lives spreading the gospel n dying for it if they knew it was a lie. the bible is histircally accurate n without contradiction, there ar 66 b0oks written by 40 writers of all walks of life, in 3 different languages by both men and women from many countries n 3 different nations in a 1600yr time period with not one contradiction. the Bible is the most coppied, translated, and distributed b0ok which continues to remain 99% accurate to its original text even through persecution and attempts of extinction made by world rulers. no other b0ok even comes close to that. and i could go on forever about claims of evolution. but lacking the time you should l0ok up dr. dino you will find g0od resorces there. and the last bit of info i will share is the power of prayer n miracles. it is a proven fact shown by studies in hospitals that those who were prayed for a much higher % of recovery than those without prayer. and in my own experience i have a sister who since she was 9 was told she’d never be able to have children, n after a night of humbling myself before God in prayer learned 3 weeks later my sister was pregnant now i am an uncle of a 3yr old niece and today is the 2nd b-day of my other niece. if you need more pr0of than that l0ok it up cause the pr0of is endless. – psalm 97:6

  44. not only should you evaluate all that info but you should evaluate yourselves. ive learned that most ppl refuse Christ n ch0ose to believe there is no God because they dont like the idea of giving up the things of the world. this world is filled with self pleasers and they are in love with sin.God says if you are not for me you are against me. just so you know whether you believe that you follow a god or not, you do. you either follow the one true living God or the gods you create such as money,sex or any other type of idolotry. and if your not following Christ you are following satan cause these worldly gods you create are products of satan n you are following the road hes laying out for you. sometimes ppl reject Jesus cause they dont feel they can live up to Gods standards and the truth is you cant. God says we all fall short of the glory of God n our deeds are like filthy rags which means no one is g0od enough to make it into heaven by their deeds n God knows that, thats why he sent down Jesus to bear our sins on the cross so that by a simple choice we could spend eternity in His glory and away from the fires of hell. after all we were made for His pleasure and glory, and the punishment of sin is death so open your hearts n ask God into it cause there is no other way to heaven except through Jesus Christ. His blood covers our sins and takes away our shame. rejoice and accept His love.

  45. it’s always interesting to see these types of websites and read the comments.

    All i have to say is, you can teach a dog tricks correct? if you ring a bell and then feed him after it is rung for -hmmmm- lets say 3months…try to notice how slobbery his mouth will get after you ring it, he will start to learn that when the bell rings he will be fed which causes him to slobber.

    Now take that thought and think…how can that be connected to people in todays’ world. Saying religion is a “Theory” based on events that happened in the past, think how people can be convinced anything they are told whether it is the lie or the truth.
    We all know everyone can be convinced about anything, that is why i believe religion is a “scam” in a way that was started to control others.

    In my opinion just Google “list of religions” look at the amazing list and think about the followers. Each “faith” believes they are correct about what they believe and each person will argue against another religion to try and prove to the -enemy- that they are right.
    I my self am Atheist but i see my self a laid back fellow who just doesn’t give a shit…its funny to see believers fight us to try and prove to us that (god) is real, you don’t know and you will never know. Nuff said.
    and yes when you read this you will be thinking “prove to us that he isn’t real!” you can not prove something
    that is in your imagination.

  46. God created man in his own image and man, being a gentleman, returned the favor.
    —Mark Twain

  47. The arguments for and against the presence of God are many. Throughout my life I found that as one leaves childhood they question a great many things. Upon entering adulthood you realize your parents are after all human and can make mistakes, you begin to question what you were taught from all the various exposures in childhood. You now want to find out the truth for yourself because that is who you can trust. Most atheists, certainly not all, who are very passionate on their stance are between the teenage years and early 30’s. With time, age and experience seeing the miracle of life there is a tangible ‘something’ to the workings of life. All life is interconnected because it is alive, who can argue that being alive is not being unique? Next question is always “Why?”. When life is threatened it always reverts back to its most primal instincts. During this turmoil we reach for God, is it not possible that our basic nature calls out for its creator in its time of need? Like a child with an injury calling for his/her parent(s), we can gain comfort and strength from this. The walls we created in over analyzing and insisting our intolerance of others faith was justified is not a sign of an open mind. I am ashamed that I was one who used to argue passionately against even the possibility of God, as some of those on this site have done, and I felt justified while doing so. Of those atheists who find God, myself and others, it is like coming home to a place you never knew you missed.
    The bible is a curious read. Many religions have add-ons or have taken ‘rules’ and situations out of context to fit to their needs. But if you take the bible at face value, yes even as a story (for those of you who don’t believe)it is fascinating. God gave man free will, to make his own choices. The paths man began to follow required God to intervene with guidance. Of the rules He placed there were those for basic sanitation, medical care of illnesses, and proper handling of food. Considering how old the bible is no one in that time period would have known of the microscopic reasons, viruses etc., behind the rational for this. God gave guidance to his people but with their free will they continued to choose different paths. The Old Testament reads like a dysfunctional family with a parent trying to teach rebellious kids. Judgments were harsh but the morality and ethics being taught can still now be considered useful for the betterment of all humankind. The New Testament is even better. Anyone who says this is a nice fairy tale giving something to believe in after death better get educated and read what they are criticizing. Yes it gives a belief in something after death but it also gives a way to a happy and fulfilled life. It teaches not to take things for granted, to love when you can and the reward of kindness. If you choose with your free will not to believe that is your choice. Forcing and fighting that your view is right is preaching, in the worst sense of the word, whether the belief is religious or atheist, and is not from by an open, enlightened mind.

  48. Everyone here who believes in gods is the type of person contributing to the continual demise of this country. The reason Europe is leaps ahead of us is because they tell their own people the truth and to not be stupid. Look at china, they oppose all talk of gods and they will be the next super power above all, and they have almost five times the population with less then 1% of the murders here…Go ahead and pray to your gods idiots!!!!

  49. So if Europe is so far ahead it’s due to truth and not stupidity of religion, is that it?
    Then tell me why, according to population census over the last 5 years, that the religious are the majority of the population, even when taking into account total population not just reported beliefs.
    Over 80% Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, England, Luxembourg, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Sweden
    Over 60% Belgium, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Ukraine

    China may be declared majority atheist but with all the human rights issues….I wonder what the murder rate is if the governments were held accountable and reported their “sanctioned” deaths.
    I may be assuming current and past governments of China being worse than they are/were but at least I can state my position with government reported facts of Europe. You may not have intended it this way but Pedro, thank you for saying that “Europe is leaps ahead of us because they tell their own people the truth and to not be stupid”. Yes, don’t be stupid, they have the “Truth” and it is God.

  50. I am God, that is my eye, those are my creations, THIS is your proof. start believing and enjoy.

    your welcome.


  51. God is everything that exists..

  52. “That I am not a member of any Christian Church, is true; but I have never denied the truth of the Scriptures; and I have never spoken with intentional disrespect of religion in general, or of any denomination of Christians in particular.”
    ~Abraham Lincoln

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    My computer worked not correctly, too much errors. Please, help me to fix buggs on my computer. On Tipe please.
    My operation system is Windows XP.

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    If you really need evidence for God, try to actually study the Bible and pray with your heart that the creator God will make himself known in your life, this is how my faith started and it has grown ever since, right into the belief of his son Jesus, if not that then can you atheists reaaly deny the existence of the spirit world, ghosts, spirits, demons, angels, they are all around us, you are just not sincerely looking, only those who are spiritually thirsty may find God, those who try to rationalize and find logic in everything have apparently never heard of Gods mysterious work, and have been programmed/brainwashed by current society, I challenge you to pray that this “Dear creator God in the Bible, the one who people say exists, please make your way into my life so I may see your light” pray this each day. Faith is not the easy way to explain the unexplained but to dismiss God is the lazy way to live the life that fits you.

  54. God does’nt care what you don’t believe.

  55. GOD does’nt care what you think

  56. God reigns and He is on His throne even as I write.Denying His existence does not stop Him from being the Almighty God.Thinking that way is just foolishness on our part as humans.For an example, electricity cannot be seen with our eyes but that does not mean it does not exist in live cables.I challenge you rather, to humble yourself and invite Jesus Christ into your life and you will never be the same again as mentioned earlier on.Hell is real and some people are going to spend eternity there if they change their ways.

  57. God reigns and He is on His throne even as I write.Denying His existence does not stop Him from being the Almighty God.Thinking He is not is just foolishness on our part as humans.For an example, electricity cannot be seen with our naked eyes but that does not mean it does not exist in live cables.I challenge all non believers rather, to humble yourselves and invite Jesus Christ into your lives and you will never be the same as mentioned earlier on.Hell is real and some people are going to spend eternity there if they do not change their ways.Be warned, eternity is a very long time.

  58. The best way to end this argument about if God really exists, and how did all this come to be without science. A wise man once told me, even a grown educated adult trying to comprehend what God has done, and can do is the same as a 4 year old child trying to comprehend the way a educated adult thinks.

  59. is this a religious forum or an astronomy forum. if I wanted to discuss the existence of a supernatural being I’m sure there are forums for that. awesome pictures though

  60. God Eye is founded? is it true?
    I think god is his nature self…

  61. I absolutely LOVE looking at pictures like these!!

  62. If God is not present,we would not have come in to reality.He is Omnipotent,Omnipresent and Omniscient.He who has given us birth is responsible for giving us food,cloth ans shelter.It is pity that though He is round the clock busy in giving us our needs and giving us pleasure and comfort,hardly we like to remember Him.He likes us very much though we forget Him, but does not like our indifference to Him.

    • dr saber shojaie.dermatologist
    • Posted July 1, 2011 at 8:27 am
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    thanks a lot

  63. I have been to the eye of god march 28 2002 when i was knocked unconcious look it up shawn bruntmyer

  64. Thank you for these wonderful pictures of God’s creations . . . it really shows us how little we are and how great our God the creator is .. and yet we matter to him . . it is just mind boggling to able to see what he has created and continues to create . . . can’t you feel his power!

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