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Monthly Archives: October 2007

She stands so alone, on a hill

Overlooking her town, so forlorn

Paper thin,yet something within

So strong …1994

That  picture of her…so sad and blue

Concealed the majesty within,

Treasures hidden in that soul

Gems of trust and love and wonder

This woman of song

She told me of tears that burned

Of her fine love once spurned

Of angels that shouldnt cry, but only fly

And help this world

God looked at her that day

And said

You’ll be an angel  for others

Some day

In a darker hour

You were that gentle power




img_0001.jpgAccording to the logic the environmentalists use, a VW TDI should be “greener” than a Prius Hybrid. Since environmentalists go by gas mileage figures alone in targeting different vehicles, why then is a VW TDI which gets better mileage than any hybrid vehicle, left out of the environmental hype?

It is almost comical, that the same environmental attitude which condemns SUVs because of thier poor gas mileage and hence their “earth wrecking status” , will endlessly hype and endorse hybrid vehicles simply because they are hybrids. Even though they get much poorer mileage than a VW TDI diesel, which can easily beat a hybrids mileage by 10-20%, the politicians and thier environmental counterparts will go to great lengths to make the public buy a hybrid using  large rebates.  While the efficient VW TDI diesel sits unnoticed by the environmental movement, the Prius and other hybrids are in the spotlight, getting there by using  some very flawed environmental logic.

And the Europeans, who have elevated the most reliable, economical and efficient engine the world has ever known  to new heights of environmental friendliness and fuel efficiency, are closer to meeting  thier Kyoto goals  through the massive public  use of the diesel engine in consumer vehicles.

 Canadians and Americans   are spending huge amounts of public tax dollars in a futile effort to become greener through the misguided hype of hybrid technology.


Delerium – Aria

A  video featuring The Mediaeval Babes.  Some really gorgeous looking women amd a great song. From the Delerium album “Poem”

img_0067.jpg This is one reason I dont recycle. The other day I watched this huge recycling truck come down my lane, stop at every second or third house,and two guys who were obviously taking thier time empty the green boxes which hardly contained any material. Two hours later a pickup truck from the same recycling outfit comes down my lane to pick up the stuff in my neighbors green box because the first guys obviously overlooked it. Talk about service, try phoning a complaint like that  to the  regular civic trash pickup service.

I wonder how much fuel they waste, idling like this, taking thier time, emptying a few boxes of almost worthless plastic and glass and paper. It costs almost $300 a ton to recycle this junk and ship it to places like China, where they pay your environmentally harassed politicians and civic leaders about $25 a ton for it, if that according to global prices for scrap plastic and paper.

It is amazing to me how the environmental organizations have hoodwinked the public into buying thier recycling fantasies without telling us the huge carbon footprint that recycling actually entails. And dont forget about all that hot water going down the drain when you clean all those containers.

I wonder why the public hasnt caught on to this incredible green swindle, and the huge carbon footprint that the civic green box programs in all cities of North America leaves behind. The programs, the trucks, the huge recycling warehouses, the ocean liners filled with junk going to China to be recycled and then coming back as “unrecyclable” cardboard. Yes those funny yellow cardboard boxes from China that come back to us cant be recycled again.